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A simple child-support calculator provided by the State of Illinois, Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services:

This is a link to a portion of the HFS website, and to a simple Illinois child-support calculator.  It doesn’t take into account all factors affecting child support, but it provides a rough guide under the ‘Income Shares’ method.

Everything changed in 2017, with the passage of the “income shares” child-support law. 

Before July 1, 2017, child support in Illinois was calculated with only one person’s income — the ‘payor’ (usually the parent with less than half of the parenting time.)  20% for one child, 28% for two, and so on..
Now, with the ‘new’ income-shares method, both parents’ net income is used, along with the number of ‘overnights’ of parenting time each has, to calculate child support.

Hidden cash income and assets? How to prove other party’s cash wealth in custody and divorce cases

If you’re involved in a custody or divorce (or child support) case against someone who should be sharing income or property with you, and who is claiming no income or who you’re sure is being paid cash ‘under the table,’ you need help in proving that phantom stream of income.  

One way is by working from the other side of things, identifying bank accounts, expenses and assets — using the power of subpoenas to banks and others, demands for depositions, and the analytical power of financial professionals to deconstruct the web of lies and fabrication being spun by the other side.


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