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Kevin R. Johnson - a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

It’s finally come to this.  Hopes and dreams for your marriage or relationship may be fading, but your children come first.
What are my options?  What does Illinois law say?  Are there any legal twists or loopholes I should know about?
How does the Court system work?  Will my children be in court?  How do I get started?  What do I do?
I start by meeting with you on Zoom, and conducting a confidential “analysis” of your situation. 
Let’s explore together the details of your situation, so you have choices!
Wouldn’t you like to have a confidential talk with somebody you can trust?
You don’t need a sales pitch — you need answers.  Let’s talk.
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By now, I’ve seen just about every situation in family law.  Let’s have a confidential discussion. I may be able to find a creative solution to your situation.
Some areas I deal with are:
  • Divorce (any genders)
  • Fighting Parental Alienation, Visitation Denial, Reluctance
  • Multi-State Custody Disputes  (UCCJEA issues)
  • Multi-Generational Custody Disputes  (Family feuds)
  • Fighting Against Long-Distance Moves of Children
  • Returning Children From Other States
  • Fighting ‘Contempt-of-Court’ Charges
  • Child Custody and Visitation (‘Allocation’ and ‘Parenting Time.’)
  • Paternity and DNA Testing
  • Child Support – Collection and Defense
  • Contested child Adoption
  • Contested child Guardianship
  • Stopping and Preventing Abus
Aggressive, passionate representation, guided by:
  • Over 25  years of experience 
  • Up-to-Date Lexis Advance© Legal Research
  • Honesty as a Spiritual Principle*

My cell number is 312-493-4241. 

You call, I answer.

Pick up the phone and call me if . . .
  • You have been served with court papers.
  • You have decided to end your marriage.
  • You want to know your rights.
  • You’re wondering if you’ll ever escape the legal system.
  • You need the legal system to work for you.
  • You’d like to discuss alimony / maintenance (part of Section 504 of the Marriage Act.)
  • You want information about child support (part of Section 505 of the Marriage Act.)
  • You’re ready for some answers.
  • You or your children have been exposed to mistreatment at the hands of a family member, and you want to know your rights.
  • You’re looking for divorce lawyers for women.
  • You’ve been searching for child support lawyers in Chicago.
  • You’d like more information about father’s rights,.
  • Someone claiming to be from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has contacted you.
*  Honesty is good business.  Judges can count on you not to stretch or distort the facts, making it easier for them to grant you the relief or changes that you want.