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When I represent a client, I work to maximize that person’s ‘Freedom of Action,’ so that they have choices and are not pressured into giving away their rights, their money, or time with their children unnecessarily.

Since you’ve found my website, it’s likely you are experiencing fear and uncertainty.  The sense that everything important to you is being threatened.  
Your head’s on fire with thoughts, emotions and a overriding feeling of dread.  It seems that every word you say or write, and every action you take, could affect your future and that of your children and your assets and finances.
Call me, and I’ll set up a same-day Zoom meeting with you.  I call this an ‘Analysis,’ where I meet with you, answer all of your questions and come up with a possible plan of action.  I focus on how you can navigate to a successful outcome in the complex family-law system.  
I don’t have time for a sales pitch — I don’t use the valuable time in an Analysis to promote myself.  
Of course, you want an attorney to place your goals and interests, and those of your children, above all other business concerns.  Ethically, that is the lawyer’s duty
“Kevin Johnson came into my case replacing another attorney I had originally and was remarkable on the way he represented me and the manner in which he navigated me through this process. His work was truly commendable. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of family law and was more than adequately prepared. He kept me informed on every aspect of this case and made himself available to meet throughout the prep work leading up to the hearing. I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome and more so by the high level of professionalism, performance and respect everyone in the courtroom had for Kevin. He is an outstanding attorney and his work was well worth the time and money invested in him. If I ever have another problem where we need legal services, Kevin will be on the ONLY person I call for representation. Thanks again for all you did on this case.”
“I’m so happyyyy! 😊
“Glad that I had someone with integrity in my corner!”
“Hi Kevin,
I received  the refund check for overpaid fees.
Thank you for being such a pillar of support during such a crazy time for me.  I appreciate everything you’ve done and apologize for your wait on the fees due.
Keep up your good works!
Thanks  again”
(Text Messages From Four Different Clients, Quoted with Permission)
Kevin R. Johnson is a Chicago divorce lawyer and child custody attorney with over 20 years of experience, who employs the truth, the law and some innovative methods to simplify cases and to achieve clients’ goals:
  • Divorce (any genders)
  • Child Custody and Visitation (‘Allocation’ and ‘Parenting Time.’)
  • Paternity and DNA Testing
  • Child Support – Collection and Defense
  • Contested child Adoption
  • Contested child Guardianship
  • Stopping and Preventing Abuse
  • Fighting Parental Alienation, Visitation Denial, Reluctance
  • Multi-State Custody Disputes  (UCCJEA issues)
  • Multi-Generational Custody Disputes  (Family feuds)
  • Fighting Against Long-Distance Moves of Children
  • Returning Children From Other States
  • Defending Against Psychological Warfare  (unfortunately, all too common)
  • Fighting ‘Contempt-of-Court’ Charges
In the video below, I explain how money is wasted on poorly-worded, vague paragraphs and phrases in Divorce, Custody and Parenting-Time Judgments when “the wheels come off” a year or so later.
Beward of some commonly-used paragraphs that sound good, but can make the parenting-time schedule useless or ‘illusory’ — not enforceable when you really need it!
​​​​​Aggressive, passionate representation, guided by:
  • Over 20  years of experience 
  • Up-to-Date Lexis Advance© Legal Research
  • Honesty as a Spiritual Principle
Just call 312-493-4241 if….
  • You have been served with court papers.
  • You have decided to end your marriage.
  • You want to know your rights as a father or mother.
  • You are starting to wonder if you’ll ever escape the legal system.  
  • You need the legal system to work for you.
  • You’d like to discuss the Illinois alimony calculator (part of Section 504 of the Marriage Act.)
  • You want information about the child support calculator (part of Section 505 of the Marriage Act.)
  • You’re ready for some answers tailored to you particular situation.
  • You would like to avoid a sales pitch, and instead obtain an analysis of your situation.
  • You or your children have been exposed to mistreatment at the hands of a family member, and you want to know your rights.
  • You’re looking for divorce lawyers for women.
  • You’ve been searching for child support lawyers in Chicago.
  • You’d like more information about father’s rights,.
  • An investigator from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has left a business card in your door, or a voicemail on your phone.
A do-it-yourself divorce or custody case?
Probably not a good idea.
In this video, I explain why.